September/October 2012

The Past President Advisory Committee:

At the June 13, 2012 meeting, chaired by Vice President Dan Dell’Isola, a quorum was confirmed. He announced that he had appointed an “Advisory Committee”, composed of our Past Presidents, that will conduct the business of the club on a temporary basis until next year’s election of officers.

The committee will be governed by our By-Laws and will be making suggestions on all future policies for our club.

The committee is composed of the Past Presidents, the current Director, and Treasure. Namely: Ralph Mac Vittie, Dave Adams, John Papsidero, Joe Miranto, Sam Scibetta, Jack DiFrancesco, Frank Guido, Mack Argentieri, Vince Dell’Isola, Elio D’Angelo, Josh Roberto, and Robin Cwlynar.

The committee met on June 12, 2012 and made the following appoints: Bar Chairmen-Larry Drescher, Maintenance/Grounds-Elio D’Angelo, and Finance-Ralph MacVittie.

They further recommended that we re-establish our free lunch, beer, and wine at our regular meetings, and for 1 hour after the meeting (Cost to offset by the 50/50 split raffle).

The advisory committee will be chaired on a revolving basis every month. The schedule is as follows:
Joe MirantoJuly
Frank GuidoAugust
Vince Dell’Isola September
Mack Argentieri October
Sam ScibettaNovember
Elio D’AngeloDecember
Josh RobertoJanuary
Robin CwlynarFebruary

We also have 2 of our Past Presidents on our disabled list-John Papsidero and Jack DiFrancesco. Meetings are held on the 1st Tuesday of the month and all are invited to attend.

Future events under consideration, and may need chairmen, include:

Family Picnic (2013)
St. Josephs Day Table
Columbus Day Celebration
Hot Dog night at the club
Visit to Carousel
Wine tasting at the club

In the past several months you have probably heard that our club is in trouble. We have difficulty getting people interested in running for office, or having enough people to make a quorum of 20 people out of 330 members to conduct a meeting. This is disheartening, as we built this club to encourage family, culture, and camaraderie.

We firmly believe and agree with the Past Presidents that the Renaissance Club will be maintained and also grow in the future. However, we must all work together and help our Club grow and thrive. We will see you at our next meeting on Oct. 10th.

Sunshine Committee Report:

We extend get well wishes this month to one of our contributing authors, Mr. Lou Pane.Also sending get well wishes to Carl Bellavia, Josh Roberto, Ralph Mac Vittie, and those that we may have missed.

We extend our love and best wishes to the families of two of our members who have passed.

Robert Schwegler-our long standing membership secretary. Bob will be missed by all, especially the euchre gang. Let the games begin!

Ted Parish-Schweglers partner, amazing coincidence-must have been something they were drinking.

Canal Fest:

Thank you to all that helped make Canal Fest very successful this year! A special thanks to our workers that so willingly gave up their free time to assist us each day, and to those who helped set up and take down the equipment. An added thank you to the Renaissance Golfers that filled in whenever necessary. It was truly appreciated! Lastly thank you to those who stopped by to support the club by purchasing a sausage sandwich. Your continued support of our activities is integral to our club survival.


Columbus Day celebration and appreciation night! October 6th at 6 pm at the club. Entertainment, food, and refreshments will be served. Celebration will be free of charge for all of those who helped during Canal Fest and other activities throughout the year. All others will be $5 per person. Sign up will be posted on the club bulletin board.

Spring Lake Winery Tour. October 21stleaving club at 2 pm. Come join us on a beautiful fall trip to Spring Lake winery! $25 per person includes music, wine tasting, and lunch. Call Vince Dell’Isola at 695-2447 for details. Sign up on club bulletin board.

First Wine and Cookie Baking Contest! Sunday November 4th, 2012 1 pm at the club. Come bring wine and your best confectionary concoctions! Recipe and winner of the cookie contest will be featured in the next Piccolo. Working toward the production of “Cooking with the best of us!-The Renaissance Family Recipes” Homemade and store-bought wines will also be judged. Contact Mack Argentieri 693-0334 Or Vince Dell’Isola 695-2447 with questions.

Scholarship Report:

Two graduating seniors from North Tonawanda High School are the recipients of our $250.00 scholarship award this year.

Jenna Brzozowski, daughter of John and Susan Brzozowski, grand-daughter of member Ron Anastasi, she is a honor student member of the National Honor and Business Honor Societies and the National Academy of Finance. She will attend the University of Buffalo to pursue a degree in Accounting.

Cameron Peace, son of Kevin and Pamela Peace, grandson of member Ralph Scalise, he has received numerous awards for his artistic talent which include District Student Spotlight Award, the University of the State of New York Education Department Certificate of Commendations meritorious achievement at the School of Visual Arts of the NYS Summer School of Arts. He will be attending Daemen College to pursue a degree in Animation.

We wish these talented seniors much success in obtaining the goals they have set for themselves.


Calendars are still available at the bar- or call Vince Dell’Isola at 695-2447

Building and Grounds

A special thanks to Vince Dell’Isola for helping Elio shorten the size of the flag pole so it can be serviced from the bar roof. A new American flag was also installed.
Let’s Go Green!
Please provide your email address to Mack Argentieri at if you would like to receive the monthly news letter “The Piccolo” electronically…you’ll be saving a tree! We will also be working toward email/social media reminders of events and meetings.
Proposed By-Law Changes:

The By-Laws may be adopted, amended or repealed by the majority vote of the members present at the Regular meeting, after a written notice of the proposed change is distributed to all members and posted on the bulletin board at the club for at least sixty (60) days prior to a vote by the membership.

As stated in the By-Laws above, the below proposed changes will be distributed to all members and a copy posted at the club. These proposed changes are as follows:


1. (a) ANNUAL MEETINGS: The annual membership meeting of the Corporation shall be held on the second Wednesday of February ** Proposed change to second Wednesday of October** of each year, for the purpose of electing Officers and Directors and for the transactions of such other business as may properly come before the meeting.

1. (b) The Board of Directors shall designate a Nominating Committee which shall present, at the January meeting **Proposed change to September**, a slate of candidates for office for the next year. Any member so desiring may nominate additional candidates. At the Annual Meeting the entire slate of candidates shall be presented to the membership.

1. (c) All Officers and Directors elected shall assume office as of March 1st **Proposed change to November 1st “of each year. Their format installation shall be held at the March Meeting.


4. QUORUM: At any meeting of members of the Corporation the presence of twenty (20) of the members, in person, shall be necessary to constitute a quorum for all purposes except as otherwise provided by law, and the act of a majority of the members at any meeting at which there is a quorum shall be the act of the full membership…

**Proposed changed to sixteen 16 of the members for a Quorum**

To be voted on at the December 2012 meeting.

From the Publisher of the Italian Tribune:

I recently read an op-ed column by Leonard Pitts of the Miami Herald newspaper. Mr. Pitts, who is a black man, wrote about how and why it is important for those of his race to tell their story and not leave it to others who know little of their culture and experience. He was emphatic that black families should know their history, family trees and relate the hows and whys of their lives in today‟s world.

As I continued to read my admiration for Mr. Pitts grew, for here was a man proud to speak about his heritage and its accomplishments. Why not our “journalists” of Italian heritage? I cannot remember reading an article in a major daily newspaper by an Italian American that was positive or defended the Italian experience. Indeed, I have seen the opposite as some see fit to go overboard in their criticism of our own as if they are ashamed of where they came from. I have seen newspaper people of our heritage go to great lengths as they wrote about discrimination faced by others. That is fine, for there exists many similar stories that could be told about every ethnic group, but I feel those of our heritage too often forget about their own. If they want to speak of the poor treatment of blacks and those who are of the Jewish faith, then also tell about the greatest mass lynching in America‟s history that took place in New Orleans, Louisiana, where eleven Italians were publicly hanged. Where were these “defenders” when U.S. Supreme Court Justices Scalia and Alito were called the “mafia of the Supreme Court?” I find it interesting that whenever there is a positive story about our culture, history or discrimination it is written by a non-Italian.

My criticism, like Mr. Pitts, is not only of the“professional story tellers” but also of those Italian Americans who choose to turn their backs on their ancestors and their struggles. I have learned that if one does not know where in Italy their families came from how can I expect them to encourage, promote or defend the greatest marriage of cultures known to mankind!?

I recognize I cannot expect people to do what we do everyday at the Italian Tribune but I can expect them to respect their families and appreciate their efforts. By doing less is a disregard for your family. I urge you to at least find out where your “hometown” in Italy is and maybe this will create the interest to learn more and pass it on to your children and loved ones.

My Dad always said that if we did not respect ourselves then why should we expect others to? You and I have much to be proud of and a great story to tell…which is still being written. Keep your story alive – It is not on the „Jersey Shore‟ television show or The Sopranos!!

Cari lettori, Questi sono i miei pensieri della settimana