A message from the President, Dan Dell'Isola
President Dan Dell'Isola (left) and State Supreme Court Justice Frank Carsuo 

June 2019

June is finally here and hopefully we will finally feel the sunshine again! We are looking forward to one of our biggest fundraisers, the Canal Fest in July. We are in dire need of a few co-chairpersons and respectfully ask for your help. Please consider volunteering so that we can help our Club keep going at the rate we do. It requires only a few days during one week of shared responsibility. At this time we have only one co-chair who cannot do a two or more person job. We thank you in advance for your consideration. We also have a sign-up sheet in the lobby for those who can help for a couple hours each day selling our sandwiches and beverages. It has been a fun time for all who have participated in the past. There is a perk or two for those that do, but most of all, you will enjoy lots of laughs. Please contact Scott McKnight if you can co-chair or sign up if you can help. 

We are now switched to summer hours. We hope you will be joining us more frequently as the sun will set later and with the warmer temps we can enjoy the backyard patio. Of course we have our Bocce court and horseshoe pits for our outdoor enthusiasts. 

Volleyball has ended for the summer and we look forward to having more young healthy players come and volunteer at their Club as well enjoy the bar and summer events. The older members are finding we need more help as bones are not as strong as they used to be. Our Club is ever growing and as the aging of our population moves on we ask that everyone step up and learn how the Club works and how much everyone’s help is needed to keep it growing. There are many unsung heroes who always volunteer and for that we are thankful. Thank you and enjoy this summer. 

Dan Dell’Isola

May 2019

May is finally here and we're shifting gears into summer. At the Club, we've wrapped up our spaghetti dinners for the season and are looking toward to our participation in Canal Fest. These are our two biggest fundraisers, so a lot of preparation goes into making them successful. First, I would like to thank the entire spaghetti night crew. We put a lot of new systems in place this year to try to simplify and streamline processes so that we could lighten the workload for our volunteers. We experienced some glitches, especially early on, but as the season progressed, these new systems had its desired effect and helped our dinners run more efficiently. We thank our customers for the patience and hope to see you again in the fall and to our workers, a big "THANK YOU" and we'll see you in the fall too! 

Now we look toward Canal Fest. Scott McKnight has agreed to help prepare for this event. He is looking for a few co-chairpersons to help prepare and run the stand during Canal Fest week. If you would like to help him, please contact him to see how you can help as co-chairperson. The Canal Fest sign-up sheet is already hanging on the bulletin board at the Club, so please consider stopping by and sign up to work a shift or two. We will also need some volunteers to help set up and tear down and transport equipment between the Club and the festival grounds. Although there is a little work involved, it is also a lot of fun. Just ask anyone who has worked at our sausage stand in the past. You can be guaranteed a great time working while hearing great music, seeing old friends, and tasting great sausage. So come on out and help your Club out. 

Finally, at the end of May, the Club will switch to our summer hours. But, remember we're still open most days, so remember to stop on by to socialize with friends and enjoy our backyard bocce court and horseshoe pits. 
Thank You, 
Dan Dell'Isola

April 2019

Happy Easter (Buona Pasqua) to all our members and their families. And Happy Dyngus Day too! Spring has finally arrived and we're shifting gears to springtime activities at the Club. 

Spaghetti dinners are concluding with the final spaghetti dinner of season on Thursday, April 4. I would like to thank all the spaghetti night teams for their hard work and preparation that they put into conducting the dinners. Our cooks, servers, coordinators, set-up crew, bartenders, dishwashers, waitresses, and runners do a great job. Not only does it help raise money for the Club, but it sheds a positive light on our Club when non-members come in for a dinner and are so impressed with the food, service and our clubhouse facility. Thank you to all the people, members and non-members, who supported these dinners throughout the season. We hope to have your continued support as we move forward next season. 

The indoor volleyball leagues will be wrapping up their season next month as well. These leagues are an important part of the Club, both socially and financially. We look forward to their continued growth and success. Stay tuned for information on upcoming events such as our chowder sale, and of course the club's participation in Canal Fest 2019 in July. Volunteers will be needed and are always welcome and essential to making our Club, and activities like the ones listed above, a huge success!

Thank You, 
Dan Dell'Isola

March 2019

Now that the month of March has arrived, lets hope we'll start seeing some warmer temperatures and sunshine. With spring's arrival, we start to look forward to enjoying the outdoors a little bit more, and with that, looking ahead to plans for the warmer months. We will be participating in Canal Fest again this summer. While July seems a ways off, planning is already underway for what is the Club's largest fundraiser. Please keep in mind as Canal Fest approaches, that we need help from our members to volunteer to staff our sausage stand for the eight day festival. So plan on getting some friends together and set some time aside to help out your Club. We guarantee you'll have a great time too! 

Our famous spaghetti dinners are continuing every week on Thursday night with the final dinner of the season taking place on April 4th. Our staff of coordinators, cooks, servers and runners have been doing a great job of putting on this event. We thank them for their hard work. Please come down to the Club and support this great group and have a delicious dinner at a great price! 

Another reminder that our building fund lottery calendars' new year started on March 1. If you don't already have one, please purchase one. It's only $30 for the year and you have a chance to win every day!

St. Joseph's Table, a Meat Raffle, a shuffleboard tournament, and Trivia Night are just some of the fun events that will be happening soon. Keep an eye out for the Giornale Piccolo newsletter, check out our website, renclub.org, or the bulletin board at the Club to keep up on what's happening. And remember, we are always looking for new ideas and activities. Let us know about them and we can work together on making them a reality. Volunteers are always welcome and essential to keeping our Club successful. 

Thank you, Dan Dell’Isola

February 2019

With the holiday season behind us, the focus at the Club is to continue to plan and carry out events and activities that help support our Club's finances. One of the most important activities is our spaghetti dinners. I would like to thank all of the volunteers, which include our cooks, kitchen staff, servers, runners and coordinators. It takes so many people to volunteer their time and energy to make these dinners successful. I can't begin to thank you enough. Your efforts are extremely valuable to the success of the Renaissance Club. Remember, spaghetti dinners are not held every week, so please make note of the schedule and pass it on to your friends. This month, the dinners will take place on Thursdays, February 7, 21 and 28 from 5pm to 8pm. There will not be a dinner on the 14th. 

We are always looking for fun activities that can help keep our members involved, entertained and give them a reason to come together. It can also be a great opportunity for non-members to come see what a great Club we have. If you have an idea for a fun event for us to hold, please feel welcome to contact a Club officer to help you get the event in motion.

Thank you,
Dan Dell’Isola

January 2019

It's hard to believe that the Christmas and New Year holidays have come and gone so quickly. I certainly hope that you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you enjoyed the times that you spent with your friends and family. And I would like to wish you all the best in the new year! 

The new Lotto calendar books which benefit the maintenance and improvements to our building are now available! Please consider purchasing one. Not only does it benefit the Club, but it offers you a chance to win cash prizes of up to $1000. The cost for these books are only $30 for the year. Remember, they also make great gifts. 

Our weekly spaghetti dinners will start up again on January 10. Dinners also will be served on January 17 and 24. Please come out to support your Club by enjoying delicious, affordable pasta dinners. 

The Club once again hosted it's annual Breakfast with Santa. Over 50 children attended what was another successful event. We would like to thank Santa and his elves for staging what has become a wonderful Christmas-time tradition at the Club. They did a great job of decorating and preparing gifts for the kids! With the winter season upon us, we hope to keep busy at the Club, so keep an eye out for upcoming events, come on out to have a good time with good friends and help support your Club! The Renaissance Club, a place where you and your family will always feel welcome. 

Thank You
Dan Dell'Isola

December 2018

The holiday season is upon us we would like to wish all our members, your families and friends a happy and healthy holiday. Things get very hectic at this time of year, but we would like to remind you to try to slow down and enjoy the times you share with your loved ones and to remember the reason for the season. 

Our spaghetti dinners are continuing this month. they will be held December 6 and 13. There will be no spaghetti dinners on Thursday, December 20 or 27, so that our staff can enjoy the time off at the holidays at well. The dinners will resume in January on Thursday, January 10. Thanks again to our dedicated cooks, kitchen staff, servers, and runners for all their hard work. 

Please come by and support your Club and enjoy a delicious homemade dinner. The Club is always looking for ideas for fun activities that can be held at our Club. Whether it's just to gather and socialize or to raise funds for a particular organization, we are always open to suggestions. We are also welcoming members to volunteer to chair activities such as our meat raffle. Past chairpersons will gladly work with anyone interested to pass on their knowledge of that activity. Send us your ideas or bring it up to a board member. Merry Christmas!!! 

Thank You and Merry Christmas, Dan Dell'Isola

November 2018

Now that November is here, autumn is in full swing and the holidays are not far behind. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and your families and Happy Veterans Day to our veterans. We thank you for your service and sacrifice. To our members that are snow birds, safe travels and we look forward to seeing you again in the spring!

Speaking of the holidays, we have a barrel in the foyer of the Club for the food pantry. Next time you’re at the Club, please remember to bring some non-perishable foods and even toiletries to donate to those in need during this holiday season. Last year, we filled the barrel twice during the holiday season. Let's see if we can do even better this year!

Our famous spaghetti nights are back! They began on October 11. They take place on most Thursdays. Please check the schedule posted on our bulletin board. This month, dinners will take place on November 8, 15, & 29. There are no dinners on the 1st and 22nd. December's schedule is the 6th & 13th. Due to the Christmas holiday, there will be no dinners on December 20 or 27. We made some changes to how we do things on spaghetti night and have put some new systems in place. We are still working out some issues, so we ask for your patience and understanding. We are still committed to offering some of the best spaghetti dinners available in town at great prices and in a comfortable atmosphere. Please come out to support your Club.

At the October meeting, the members elected six new board members. They will be installed at the November meeting and their terms will last for two years. Voter turnout was fabulous! We appreciate you taking the time and participating in that process. Congratulations to our board members, Mike Argentieri, Zach Banas, Vince Dell'Isola, Brad Lorich, Craig Mahoney and Dave Stimson.

We are looking for chairmen to run some activities in the coming months and are looking for suggestions for new activities. Please consider helping to organize and participate in events that are fun for all and help raise funds for the continued financial stability of our Club. Any thoughts or suggestions please email me at renclub252@gmail.com.

Thank You…
Dan Dell’Isola

October 2018

The start of Fall 2018 is here. We wish good health to all as the colder weather approaches. And to those early snow birds, safe travels! With that being said, the season also signals the start of our weekly Thursday Spaghetti Night dinners. The first dinner night will be Thursday, October 11 from 5 to 8 pm. Our delicious recipes are still the same, offering authentic Italian pasta dinners. There have been some changes to this years menu, as well as to some of our prices. There will actually be a price decrease for spaghetti along with the return of all you can eat for customers who remain at the Club for their meal. I would like to thank everyone in the kitchen crews who are volunteering to cook and serve the meals, as well as the servers who will provide excellent service to our customers. And special thanks to the people who have offered to help organize the crews this year so that we can continue to make these dinners a huge success for our Club. If you would like to join the group of Spaghetti night volunteers, please contact us at renclub252@gmail.com. Come see our restructured menu and enjoy the homemade food in the company of your family and friends for a truly fine dining experience in a warm and friendly atmosphere - "Boun Appetito!' 

Our family picnic was held on September 9. Great food and good times were had by all. Thanks to chairman, Hal Banfield, for organizing once again. Remember, as of October 1, the Club's hours have changed. We will be open Monday through Friday, starting at 5 pm, Saturday at 1 pm. and don't forget to come to the Club to root the Bills onto victory with your friends. We open on Sundays for the game. At the next monthly meeting, to be held on Wednesday, October 10th, elections will take place to fill five board of director positions. Nine people are competing for these five positions. You can vote at the Club before the meeting that night, starting at 6 pm. If you can't make it, there will be absentee ballots available at the bar. Just ask a bartender for a ballot. The nominees are: Michael Argentieri, Zach Banas, Vince Dell'Isola, Brad Lorich, Craig Mahoney, Rich Moss, Mary Jo Murphy, Tracy Peace and Dave Stimson.

Thank you...
Dan Dell'Isola

September 2018

I hope you've enjoyed your summer so far. Unfortunately, it's winding down, which means at the Club we are looking forward to the next season. Thanks to everyone who has been helping the Club run smoothly during the summer months. We could not have done it without your efforts, so thank you! As we look forward to the upcoming activities, we are asking for your cooperation and assistance to help maintain the success that the Club has experienced in recent times. When we all work together, great things happen! 

At our next monthly meeting on September 12, we will be accepting nominations for board of directors. There are five positions available. the terms will be for two years. The election will be held at the October meeting. You can contact the nomination/election committee if you would like to run and can't attend the meeting or have your name listed as a nominee at the meeting. (Nomination/Election committee is Dave Fill and Ron Miller) 

The change in seasons means that our volleyball leagues will be starting up in a few weeks as well as our weekly spaghetti nights. Organizational meetings for the spaghetti crews are underway. The next meeting will be Wednesday, September 5, at 8 PM.

September also means that our hours of operation will be changing soon. We will be opening Mondays and Tuesdays in a few weeks and we will also be opening on Sundays for Bills games. Come out and root on the Bills at your Club with your friends! 

Upcoming events to mark on your calendar are the annual family picnic on Sunday, September 9. As part of this event, free carousel rides for the kids are included at the Herschel Carousel Museum across the street. The annual Appreciation Night/Columbus Day Dinner is scheduled for October 6. Sign up before it's too late! 

As stated before, we encourage all our members to get involved with your Club. If anyone has any suggestions for new activities, please share them with us. We are always open and willing to hear new ideas. Volunteers are always welcome and essential to keep our Club a huge success! 

-Dan Dell’Isola

August 2018

August has arrived, and believe it or not, Canal Fest is in our rear view mirror! Much of our focus at the Club the last few months has been preparing for our return to Canal Fest. Once again, the people of the Tonawandas have patronized our sausage stand and helped make this year another success. Many people commented on how much they missed us last year! The money we raised will go a long way toward keeping our Club financially stable. Special thanks go out to our event co-chairmen, Scott McKnight and Kevin Canali. It was their first time running this event, but they did a great job for us. They put in a lot of time over the eight days, to make sure everything was running smoothly. Many thanks go out to all the people, members and some non-members that helped staff our stand, prepare the food at the Club in the morning and helped set up and take down the equipment. There are too many people to name here, but your help was greatly appreciated. 

The Club will be hosting a golf tournament and a family picnic in the next several weeks. Be sure to participate in these events. For details, and other information, check out our website, www.renclub.org and look us up on Facebook.  

Also, keep in mind that at our September's meeting, we will be accepting nominations for positions on our board of directors. There will be five positions for members to seek election to. Nominations will be taken in September, elections take place in October, and the new board members term starts in November. This is a great opportunity to get involved in your Club and to help with the decision making process. Please consider running.

Thank You,

Dan Dell'Isola

July 2018

Happy Independence Day to all of our members and their families on this 4th of July holiday. I hope that your holiday is a happy and healthy one.

With summer here, we have shifted into our summer hours at the Club. Fortunately, that doesn't mean that all is quiet. I would like to thank the many people who have ensured that things are running smoothly. We have had several hall rentals that have kept things busy. Thanks to Craig Mahoney for booking them and preparing the hall for the parties and to our bartenders for working these events. I would like to give a special thanks to Bob and Maryanne Lacey for offering to cut the grass at the Club. They have been doing this for the past several weeks, so if anyone else would like to help out and give them a break, please let us know, we'll help you access our lawn equipment.

Another thank you goes out to Scott McKnight for repairing our air conditioning unit on short notice after it broke down just before a party in our hall. He saved us a lot of money on a service call. These are the type of contributions from our members that make the Renaissance Club a special place. With cooperation and contributions from more of our members, we can make your Club even greater!

Remember, the lounge is still open Wednesday through Saturday, so stop on by and say hi! Which leads to our next topic....Canal Fest. The eight day celebration of the Tonawandas begins on Sunday, July 15 and ends on Sunday, July 22. Of course, the Club's sausage stand is making its return to the Canal Fest this year. And we need your help! We need volunteers to work shifts staffing the stand and selling our delicious Italian sausage. There are still some shifts that need to be filled. The sign-up board is on the bulletin board at the Club. Please stop by and sign up for a shift or two. Help is also needed to set-up and take down the tent on the opening and closing days. Even if you don't make it to the Club to sign up, feel free to show up at the stand to help out any time. The more volunteers, the more fun it is!

Remember, send me your ideas at Pres@RenClub.org. - see you at Canal Fest!

Thank You, Dan Dell'Isola

June 2018

Summer weather seems like it is finally here!
It looks like the warm weather has finally arrived and things at the Club have shifted into summer mode. Thanks to all the members and volunteers for making all our winter activities and events a huge success. 

We are now asking for volunteers to step up and help the Club with summer activities. The biggest event is the Canal Fest. This year’s event runs from July 15 through the 22nd. We will need volunteers to man the sausage stand. Volunteers will be needed to sell food and drink, cook sausage and run the cash register. There is a sign-up board at the Club, so sign up soon! Each day is broken down into 3 or 4 hour shifts. Individuals or groups can sign up to work. It’s actually a lot of fun and a great opportunity to hang out with friends and listen to music. And it doesn’t even feel like work! 

We could also use some help keeping our building and grounds maintained. We do not have a lawn cutting service, so we are relying on volunteers to help out. We have a lawnmower and weed trimmer and we have the gas for the mower as well. If you have an hour to spare, please consider stopping by the Club and cut some grass. A bartender or board member can help you access the equipment. Just let us know. Your fellow members would appreciate it and we want to be a good neighbor and keep the yard looking sharp! 

Dan Dell’Isola

May 2018

May is finally here and we're shifting gears into summer. At the Club, the spaghetti dinners have concluded for the season and our focus is shifting toward our participation in this year’s Canal Fest. 

Our sausage stand is one of the primary fundraisers for the Club and it takes a large effort to make it work. Our co-chairmen are getting things started, but we will need all our members (over 500 strong!) to make it the success that it has been for years. Perhaps you would like to volunteer to help out at our booth? Where else can you go to hear music, see friends, and enjoy the best sausage sandwich on the midway? Shortly, we will be setting up the sign-up board at the Club on the bulletin board. It will list dates and times where help is needed. The job of setting up the tent, grills, and counters is so much easier when there are extra hands helping out. You will be guaranteed a great time while helping out. I'm sure the public will be yearning for our delicious sausage sandwiches since missing out on them last year! So please set aside some time during Canal Fest week to work at least one shift.

Thank You,


April 2018

Happy Easter (Buona Pasqua) to all our 
members and their families. And Happy Dyngus 
Day too! 
Spring has arrived and we're shifting gears
towards springtime activities at the Club. Spaghetti 
dinners will be concluding at the end of the 
month. I would like to thank all the spaghetti night 
teams for all their hard work. It takes many people 
to make this event possible. Our cooks, set-up 
crew, bakers, dishwashers and waitresses all put 
in a lot of time and effort to make these dinners 
successful. Thank you to all the people, members 
and non-members, who supported these dinners 
throughout the season. We hope to continue to 
have your support as we move forward next 

The indoor volleyball leagues are wrapping up 
next month as well. These leagues are an 
important part of the club, both socially and
financially. We look forward to their continued 
growth and success. 
Stay tuned for information on upcoming events 
such as our Spring Meat Raffle and Our Chowder S
ale, and of course, our return to this year's Canal 

Volunteers will be needed and are always 
welcome and essential to making our Club, 
and activities like the ones listed above, a huge

Thank You,
Dan Dell'Isola

March 2018

The calendar says we're in the last few weeks of winter. Let's hope that we start seeing warmer temperatures and sunshine so we can start to enjoy the outdoors a bit more. We are certainly looking ahead at some plans for the spring and summer. 

We are still trying to firm up our plans for Canal Fest. While July seems a ways off, the planning for this event is starting to ramp up. We plan on making a return to this festival this year after taking a hiatus last year. The good news was that before deciding to not participate last year, we had plenty of volunteers signed up to work the various shifts at our sausage stand. We hope and expect that to happen again. So plan on setting aside a day to help out your Club and have a great time doing it. We hope to see you all there!

Spaghetti dinners care continuing through March and April every Thursday night. Thanks to our great staff of cooks, servers and runners for their time and efforts. Please come on down on Thursday nights to enjoy some great Italian food specialties! 

Just a reminder that the new Lotto calendar year started on March 1st. If you haven't already purchased one, please consider it soon, and membership dues are due on March 1. If you haven't renewed yet, please do it soon...don't let your membership lapse. 

We continue to have fun activities for all members. We had a tap takeover with the New York Beer Project, Trivia Night, a shuffleboard tournament and other raffles and drawings. We are always looking for new ideas and activities. Let us know about them and we can work together on making them a reality. Volunteers are always welcome and essential in keeping our Club successful.

Thank you,

Dan Dell’Isola

February 2018

Now that the hustle and bustle from the holidays has ended, we are starting to look forward to wrapping up the winter months with an eye toward spring. We are always looking at activities and events to keep our members involved, entertained and offer opportunities to come together to enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow members. If you have an idea for a fun event or activity to hold, please feel welcome to contact a Club officer to help you get the event in motion. We recently had a shuffleboard tournament and are having a Super Bowl party. A tap takeover by the New York Beer Project is coming in February as well! Keep posted for details.

I am now a few months into my term as the president of the Club. It has been quite a learning experience for me. I am leaning on many members for advice and assistance in my mission to keep the Club on its successful path. I am asking for your patience with me as I am still learning many of the policies and procedures of the position. I realize that I still have a lot to learn and I hope that I can count on your help as we go forward because I truly want to see this club thrive. I am only an officer that helps coordinate the processes of running the Club. All of you are needed to help things run smoothly and effectively. Thank you,

Dan Dell’Isola

January 2018

Once again, the Christmas and New Year holidays have come and gone in a flash. I certainly hope that you all enjoyed the time you spent with friends and family. Hopefully you didn't eat too much of all that delicious food. I would like to wish you all the best in the new year. Winter is here in full force, so please be careful driving and walking on icy surfaces! To all the snowbirds out there, have some warm thoughts for us up here! The new Lotto calendar books for the building improvement fund are now available. Please consider purchasing one. Cost is $30 for the year, with opportunities to win hundreds of dollars. They make great gifts! We have some fun events in the works to help break up the winter doldrums, we'll keep you posted on those. In addition, I would like to thank all the people that helped prepare and serve the spaghetti at our last dinner of the year on December 21. Due to holiday travel and illness, we had to scramble to find help and get everything done, but fortunately the evening was a success once again. Of course, our regular crews do a great job staging our dinners every week. The next spaghetti night will be January 11. Come out and enjoy! Thank to all that helped make Breakfast with Santa so successful. Santa and his elves did a great job with the gifts and decorations! The Renaissance Club, a place where you and your family will always feel welcome.....and Go Bills! 
-Dan Dell’Isola, President